DotA 6.79 Beta Download

DotA 6.79 Beta
DotA 6.79 Beta - is a "public test version of 6.79" that has been officially released by Icefrog "to help increase bug testing coverage before the official version is published". Icefrog also said that "Certain bugs can be discovered in single player games while others will require full 5v5 games."

DotA 6.78 AI Download

DotA 6.78 AI Download Download Link: DotA 6.78 AI

Dota 2 Update - May 1, 2013

UI - Fixed an issue where matchmaking region selections were not being saved correctly. These selections have been reset and players will have to re-select their regions.

Dota 2 Update - July 5, 2012

- Added Disruptor and Undying!
- Enabled Rubick, Wisp, and Luna in Captain's Mode.
- Fixed a number of issues that caused effects to be delayed and in some cases not show up while watching Tournament games.
- You can now select your favorite hero and gear to showcase in your profile.
- Tournaments you have passes for are now shown in your profile.

Dota 2 Update - June 28, 2012

- Added Luna
- Added Guardian Wisp
- Dota 2 now uses the CELT codec for increased voice communication quality.
- Added a testing tool to the Workshop tab that allows contributors to see their models on a hero before submitting.
- Added Heropedia to the Learn tab.

Dota 2 Update - June 22, 2012

  • Fixed some effects not showing up properly during spectating
  • Fixed some crashes with Rubick
  • Fixed a gold exploit
  • Fixed Spell Steal interaction with attack modifiers
  • Fixed a stolen Assassinate, Teleporation or Requiem of Souls not having cast time

Dota 2 Update - June 20, 2012

- Added Rubick!
- Bane: Fixed Fiend's Grip not ending if Kraken Shell dispels it.
- Chaos Knight: Reality Rift now puts the Chaos Knight behind his target.
- Clockerk: Fixed Hookshot stunning dead units.
- Gyrocopter: Fixed Homing Missle not giving any bounty.
- Invoker: Fixed Alacrity interaction with Magic Immunity
- Kunkka: Fixed Ghost Ship allied debuff dealing all the damage immediately when then rum wears off, rather than over the following 8 seconds.
- Mirana: Reduced size of Arrow 20%.
- Outworld Destroyer: Aadded visual indicator for Astral Imprisonment Length.
- Riki: Fixed sometimes not attacking his Blink Strike target immediately.
- Spirit Breaker: Fixed a bug allowing charging Razor without moving.
- Fixed Batrider and Outworld Destroyer having 1 too little armor.
- Fixed Chaos Knight having 2 extra armor.
- Fixed Lone Druid having 1.3 too little armor.